Pink bus

Cycling in New York. It doesn’t look much like New York, but I know it’s New York. I pass by huge construction works. Giant  circular holes in the road, ten or fifteen yards across, filled with concrete. Maybe some kind of foundations? A little further on, more of these, but these are definitely not foundations. These are something to do with resisting movement in the ground. Earthquake protection, perhaps? All very vague. Now I’m on Broadway, only it doesn’t look a lot like Broadway, as previously discussed. Several lanes of traffic coming towards me. I say something to the driver of a car as he passes close to me, letting him know what I think of how much clearance he’d given me. In the distance, also coming towards me, is an old double-decker bus, like a Routemaster, only it’s not red. It’s pink. (19/05/09)


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