Feral children

Feral children climbing in and out of abandoned buildings. Somehow this links to a hole in the wall where counterfeit money is appearing – coins, not notes. Big thick 50p pieces, cylindrical, made out of pig iron. On some the Queen’s head is replaced by that of ‘Tal’. On others by former monarchs. They don’t look much like real coins, but I think they’ll do. Later I’m with J and his new girlfriend (?). Others are present, including Fitz and someone with wild frizzy red hair and a freckled face. I don’t know him but I do, if that makes sense. Fitz, now resembling the guy with frizzy hair, tells J he wants to see the video of J’s girlfriend. Apparently someone’s videoed her in the bathroom. Into my field of vision comes a thickly belted waist and a truncheon. Police. The truncheon rests close to my hand. ‘I imagine you know what we are after,’ the policeman says to me. ‘All the money,’ I say to him as I hand over the counterfeit coins. Before leaving, he gives me Charlie’s MGS tie from around his wrist. (24/05/09)


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