‘All Right Now’

I’m in a bar of some kind to see a gig by a four-piece band. I know one of the guys in the band. I enter and they’re rehearsing. It’s uncategorisable music. Not quite jazz, not really classical or popular. I listen for a bit then head next door to find the loos. I’m standing up peeing into the washbasin – an unusually big washbasin with the tap and plughole so far away they’re almost impossible to reach with my hand – and hoping no one comes in when someone comes in. One of the band members. I hastily withdraw, but I’m worried he saw. I make a show of being in the middle of washing my hands. I say to the guy who’s come in that I don’t know what kind of music they’re playing. They’re certainly not like Performance, I say, as if this guy, or one of the others, is Joe Stretch, which he isn’t and neither is any of the others. ‘I don’t know if you’re jazz, classical, Radio 2,’ I say. He says he’s going to play me something to answer my question. I hear ‘All Right Now’ ‘Free!’ I say. But he means Deep Purple. I’m confused. (27/05/09)


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