Harvey Barrett

Sitting around a table talking about Chris K’s new film. I feel like I’m not really a part of the discussion. When I do get a chance to speak, I point out a kid on screen, Harvey Barrett, and say, ‘I was at school with him.’ It’s a slightly banal observation, but it’s true. I do recognise him from MGS. I go on to say that I don’t think it’s Chris’s best work. Although we’d been looking at footage on a TV screen, now I think we’re discussing a script and at stake is whether it should get made. I want to support Chris, naturally, but I know he’s done better. I start thinking of how Pilotage/The Quality of Light would make a better film.

The meeting over, I’m on my bike on a cliff road. Quite steep. Going uphill. The road then goes away from the sea and I look at the shoreline stretching away to the right as the road hugs the mountain. There’s a tunnel up ahead. I’m not sure about sharing it with traffic but then realise it’s a foot tunnel. I pass through it into a lobby area where people are waiting for one of two large lifts. One appears to be on the 28th floor, the other approaching the 29th. The latter arrives and I get in.

Next I’m sitting down next to a huge fat guy and his son who is dry-swimming on the floor of the lift. I’m in football kit. The fat guy asks why. I explain I’ve been away with the Time Out football team. He doesn’t know what Time Out is. I explain. (08/06/09)


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