Kneeling dummies

Walking down Uxbridge Road in Shepherd’s Bush. On the pavement is a kneeling figure in a concealing costume. Metallic. Can’t see the face, so can’t be sure if it’s a dummy or if there’s someone in there. There’s no sign of legs sticking out at the back, suggesting that it is a dummy, but I walk around it gingerly all the same, having a good close look, just in case.

At a football match, in the front row, but we’re the only people watching that I’m aware of, as if the match is being played just for us (me and one or two others, unidentified). Similarly, I’m only aware of two players and the referee. There’s an incident. The two players – one black, one white – stand absolutely still, each wearing the same expression of wide-eyed plaintive bafflement as they wait for the referee to pronounce. They are frozen in position and the referee is saying nothing, so I shout out, urging him to make a decision, but he waits and he waits. He disapproves of my shouting out, which seems to be causing him to delay further.

Later, there are more kneeling figures. I get down and examine one that has smooth forearms folded across its chest. From under a visor, a pair of watchful eyes stare back at me. It looks alive, but I can’t be sure. I discuss the dummies with the people I’m with. I say they’re not threatening. They suggest they are, because of the beseeching implied by their kneeling positions. (20/06/09)


One Response to “Kneeling dummies”

  1. fellhouse Says:

    Was this all as terrifying as it sounds?

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