Scrabble. There’s a woman who wants to play but she has a sign around her neck saying that she has a disability that would affect her performance. Perhaps dyslexia. I’m not sure how easy she will find it to get a game.

On a tube, overground, heading east on the Hammersmith & City line. In front of me – the seats are all facing forward like on a bus – a middle-aged woman with a clipboard. She’s trying to recruit people to a charitable cause. She sits down next to a middle-aged man who puts his arm around her. They seem to know each other.

I get off. I can see a big white building outside the station. A sign saying ‘Stadium’. I think it must be Barbican station although I then recognise the architecture of Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre and start to read the name. I want to get back on the train and avoid ticket inspectors, as I don’t have a ticket. The train, I now see, is pulled by two Class 20 diesel locomotives in BR livery. I can’t see the number of the one in front, but the second one is 20 090, albeit printed in an unusual script. I get back on the train, which sets off. No ticket inspectors have got on. (21/06/09)


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