The End of the World I

Watching a spectacular light show in the night sky. It’s like Star Wars – the ballistic missile shield, not the film – but is caused by distant planets. It’s like watching the End of the World except no one is alarmed. Great planetary systems wheeling through the sky. Shining shapes – studded wheels and geometric designs – turning slowly in the infinite dark. (01/07/09)


4 Responses to “The End of the World I”

  1. Wendigo81 Says:

    oh oh, isn’t this all how “Day of the Triffids” starts?

  2. nicholasroyle Says:

    Ooh, I don’t know, but I have about three copies of the novel, so I’ll check.

  3. Argentaurum Says:

    I just woke up having had this same dream – did a search on google and found this – it is recurring – in the dream, everyone can se this in the night sky – all over the planet. hmmmmm

  4. nicholasroyle Says:

    Brilliant. A dream that’s like an infection. A contagion. A parasite, perhaps?

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