Injured policemen

Two bare-chested men walking along the road carrying long poles with sponges attached to the end for cleaning lamp-posts with. Water trickling down the poles to moisten the sponges. Beyond these two characters, on the far side of the road, two policemen in hi-vis jackets walking in the same direction. To the left of them, a third policeman is caught under a car and dragged along the road. The same thing then happens to a fourth policeman. I see him thrown clear, wearing a white T-shirt, his arms either broken or dislocated.

The two policemen in hi-vis jackets suddenly make a lot of noise. Gasps and grunts and expressions of shock and alarm. They shout out requests for blankets. I rummage through Charlie’s bags and start pulling out grey blankets. I go across the road to give them to the policemen. Inside a room in a small building on the far side of the road, the injured officers are being treated – by Kate. I hand over my blankets, but I’m getting in the way.

Later. I’m aware there might be a dead body in the toilet that I have to deal with by cutting it up. I’m trying to flush the toilet to get the body out. A body finally appears. I press a saw against the skin of the back; I am going to try to remove the arms. (05/07/09)


4 Responses to “Injured policemen”

  1. Wendigo81 Says:

    Okay , so this is sooo Biblical.

    The sponge trope is the Roman soldier and Christ given succor and relief with the sponge soaked in vinegar at the Crucifiction.

    As for the flesh image – it may be transubstantiation ( lapsed Catholic are you?) or the much oledr and Pagan rite of Sparagmos and Omphagia in the name of Dionysus ( like you drunken orgies, do you?)

    anyways, when shall we meet for drinks, eh? further the worship and all…

  2. nicholasroyle Says:

    Not a lapsed Catholic. Not a big fan of religion generally. Don’t mind the sound of drunken orgies, though.

  3. If this was my dream the sponges would be chocolate. a narrow escape

  4. fellhouse Says:

    I like the fact that you had to flush the body OUT of the toilet, in order to dispose of it. Almost feels like film played backwards.

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