Fetish anthology

On a railway station, a policeman wants to talk to me. I’m extremely open and friendly with him. I know I’ve done nothing wrong. He wants to talk to Chris Kenworthy, too. I’m happy to put him in touch with Chris, confident that he’ll have nothing to hide either. He’ll never come here, I say, but he’ll talk to you.

Shortly after, Chris is there. For some reason, looking at Chris, I picture the cover of the Fetish anthology edited by John Yau. Maybe the jacket photo is reproduced on Chris’s T-shirt or something.

Later, walking into a magazine editorial office. Looking forward to a day’s work. I pass the editor’s desk and reach my own, where I dump my bag. It’s all a bit old fashioned. Big paper proofs everywhere. (11/07/09)


One Response to “Fetish anthology”

  1. I hope you dreamed this because I spent most of the weekend playing cops and robbers with my kids. Funnily enough, in my dream I returned England, but not at the request of the police. I set off with my family, but when I got back to England they weren’t there, and I had to live in a house that was slightly flooded all the time – just an inch or two of water in every room. I knew I’d have to live with it like that.

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