Bronze stretch limo

Joel needed looking after and I wanted to look after him, but a woman in some kind of position of authority wanted to stop me. When I went to see her she started touching me inappropriately – not sexually, but still inappropriately. Her moves were intended to demonstrate her power over me. They meant, somehow, that I had to do what she said. But I disobeyed her. I did look after Joel – or at least I tried to. It was hard doing so because the house had been rearranged. Stairs that were supposed to lead to certain places didn’t. I recognised a handrail.

Later. Crossing a busy road in London. With some children, including two Pakistani girls. We cross the road and on the other side is parked a bronze stretch limo, a Bentley. The reg is C100. Some people are sitting inside. (16.08.09)


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