Raymond Carver characters

I am in a large open-plan office. Maybe it’s the Manchester International Festival office, but it’s not specified. I see Mandy Martinez – she looks different. Lighter-coloured hair, thinner face, features subtly altered, but still Mandy. I see Christine, her hair shorter, blonder, caught up in a clasp that allows a fan to escape at the back.

Later, Chris Kenworthy and I are emailing each other. I see a full-size image of him sitting at his desk. Behind him the wall is covered with glass display cases. I don’t know what’s in them. Can also see high a ceiling, like in a barn, with wooden beams. He can see me – and I see the same image of myself, too – lots of framed pictured on the wall behind me.

In a series of unknown rooms with people I don’t recognise. In the background a group of people who look like characters from Raymond Carver stories. Action in the foreground. A woman moving. An arm coming down in a chopping motion. I realise the background image is just that – a backdrop. Then I realise the whole thing is a series of tableaux from a film. The action becomes quite violent. Doors torn off their hinges and dropped or thrown around. (15.08.09)


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