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Isosceles merkins

Posted in Dreams on 12 October 2009 by nicholasroyle

Conrad W and I were walking back from somewhere. There was some water to cross, a canal or a river. I crossed where it was narrow and I could jump across. Conrad went where the water was wider, meaning he had to strip off. I saw him arch out of the water, revealing that he had been fitted – like others around him – with a very large isosceles-shaped merkin.

Later. I was informed that a ‘Pakish’ friend or colleague of Kate’s had died in a terrorist attack mounted by Islamist militants. ‘Pakish’ was the word used by the woman who told me. I knew it wasn’t the right word, that she should have said ‘Pakistani’, but I accepted it as being similar to ‘Polish’. (11.10.09)


Copper kestrels

Posted in Dreams on 11 October 2009 by nicholasroyle

I’m on a bus that stops and goes nowhere. I ask the driver why he’s not leaving. He says something or other. I get really cross. I want to go. He’s still not going. There are forests and steep hillsides, even though we are just off Finchley Road in north London, or Highgate. Someone had described a route by a church. I took a back route, saw the back of the church and all the forests.

Later. On another bus, held up by workmen in the road not getting out of the way.

People are killing kestrels for the copper they steal and eat from the top of fence posts.

Pushing my bike, I’ve borrowed an amp, which is on the rack at the back. I’m doing a reading and I need an amp. There are three blokes with me and one woman. (10.10.09)

Tight squeeze

Posted in Dreams on 3 October 2009 by nicholasroyle

In a black cab with Tom Fletcher. We are taking a back route, a short cut, one I didn’t know about. I’m excited about it. We are inside some kind of tunnel or enclosed space rather like a ghost train. The cab is now a carriage on rails. We approach an opening so narrow there’s no way we will be able to pass through it. Blocks of wood either side at head height. Somehow, however, we do squeeze through. (02.10.09)