Isosceles merkins

Conrad W and I were walking back from somewhere. There was some water to cross, a canal or a river. I crossed where it was narrow and I could jump across. Conrad went where the water was wider, meaning he had to strip off. I saw him arch out of the water, revealing that he had been fitted – like others around him – with a very large isosceles-shaped merkin.

Later. I was informed that a ‘Pakish’ friend or colleague of Kate’s had died in a terrorist attack mounted by Islamist militants. ‘Pakish’ was the word used by the woman who told me. I knew it wasn’t the right word, that she should have said ‘Pakistani’, but I accepted it as being similar to ‘Polish’. (11.10.09)


One Response to “Isosceles merkins”

  1. Wendigo81 Says:

    I’m glad it was such a “large” merkin and that, given this, it was not scalene in dimension or shape.

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